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Brand New Care Housing Service by HKHS


Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) is concerned about the senior housing problem in Hong Kong. In the past few years, HKHS has been focusing on developing diversified elderly housing services to meet the needs of elderly people of all backgrounds. After rolling out the "Elderly Safe Living Scheme"this year, HKHS also took over the operation of Jolly Place, which is the housing estate under the “Senior Citizen Residences Scheme”. This marks the milestone of senior housing services provided by HKHS. Besides, “Jolly Place Care Home”, the first HKHS residential care home for the elderly, is now in operation.

Published in October this year, the Report of the Task Force on Population Policy emphasizes that the long life expectancy of Hong Kong people ranks top in the world. It is expected that in 2031, people aged 65 would account for 25% of the population. This means one of the four Hong Kong people would be an elderly aged 65 or above at that time. It is also predicted that elderly aged 85 would also double the present population.

There are about 56% of people, who age 60 or above, suffer from one or more kinds of chronic illness, such as diabetes, heart diseases and chronic bronchitis. Depression and dementia are the two most common mental health diseases among the elderly, according to the research done by the Census and Statistics Department.

Senior housing and caring services devoted by HKHS

Although growing old is a stage of life, the degradation rate of the physical and psychological abilities differs from one another. It mainly depends on the adaptation of an individual and the arrangement of the services. To allow elderly people to enjoy their golden years, Jolly Place was built. It initiates a self-oriented housing living style to the elderly, and offers premium individual housing units for their living. All the housing designs and facilities are tailor-made to suit their needs.



In the past ten years, HKHS has been developing elderly housing business vigorously. In order to achieve the goal of “let the elderly to live safe and sound”, other than building and running elderly housing, HKHS has set up the elderly service section to combine professional services for the elderly and housing development. This aspires that the elderly can receive comprehensive housing services and lives a life of high quality.

6 scopes of all-rounded caring services

Haven of Hope Christian Service has been assigned to run and manage the service in Jolly Place since its establishment. Following the end of the 10-year contract, HKHS took over the grip in running the service on 1st November this year. It includes the services of Jolly Place Care House which is the first elderly caring housing established by HKHS. This turns a new page in the elderly services provided by HKHS.




In order to create a cozy and harmonic home-like living environment to our guests, the professional crew in Jolly Place includes social workers, nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Through the service platform of “Jolly Club”, the body-and-soul care of the elderly is met.

Jolly Club provides elderly services covering 6 scopes of all-rounded caring services to meet the physical and emotional needs of elderly people, including :

  • Through arts activities, the elderly are inspired to live their lives with colors while developing their interests;

  • Through caring services and education, the elderly are taught to achieve the aim of self-monitoring and controlling chronic illness, like high blood pressure, diabetes, sleeping disorders. Occupational and physiotherapists are in charge of exercise and train up the muscles of the elders, to enhance their ability to living independently;

  • Social workers would organize group activities, training and games etc, to promote positive thinking;

  • Occupational therapist and social workers provide assessments and intelligent trainings, like concentration, memory, reality orientation and sensory stimulation, in order to delay elderly’s brain degeneration;

  • Through life education, the elderly are encouraged to enjoy the rest of their life with thankfulness;

Jolly Place Care Home has spent much effort in designing a caring environment for the elderly. With a team of professionals taking care of the elderly closely, it makes staying at the caring house no difference to staying at home. The elderly can still maintain their independence and also enjoy caring service at any time.

Service details of Jolly Place Care Home:



inside Jolly Place, 2 Pui Shing Lane, Hang Hau, Tseung Kwan O


2703 3560

Service Type:

Care and Attention Home and Community Rehabilitative service




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