Age-Friendly Housing Campaign

In order to promote ageing-in-place and help the elderly to apply it in practice, we provide education and consultation services in the following three pillars. The Age-Friendly Housing Campaign was launched in 2015/16 as a pilot scheme.


To promote the importance of Age-Friendly Housing and its application to the elderly, caregivers and elderly service providers.


The programme consists of thematic talks, experiential tours, individual consultation and volunteer training workshops. In collaboration with community networks, it aims to help the elderly, care givers and elderly service providers have a better understanding towards the importance of “Age-friendly home”.

Experiential tours

Part 1: Experiential tours
By joining the tour, the elderly can assess their body function and visit Age-Friendly sample home which displayed furniture and housing appliances for elderly in ERC.

Thematic talks

Part 2: Thematic talks
Through interactive thematic talks, we would like to promote the concept of Age-Friendly home and enhance their knowledge about it. Needy elderly with fall history will be invited to join the follow-up programme.

Consultation by Occupational therapist

Part 3: Consultation by Occupational Therapist
Registered occupational therapists will conduct professional consultation for the elderly with detailed assessment report and home-improvement suggestions.

Training workshops for Caregiver and volunteer

Part 4: Training workshops for caregiver and volunteer
Registered social workers will deliver training workshops to introduce Age-Friendly home concept and easy-to-follow screening tools to caregivers and volunteers, so that they could apply it in daily life and during volunteering.

Collaboration with Corporations

The scheme is sponsored by the following business partners in providing simple home-modification services to needy elderly. With such sponsorship, our occupational therapists will conduct home assessment and purchase appropriate aids for elderly.

Sham Shui Po District

Sponsored Partner: Hip Hing Construction Company Limited and Vibro (H.K.) Limited
Beneficiary Organizations: Shamshuipo Kaifong Welfare Advancement Association Neighbourhood Elderly Centre

Eastern District

Sponsored Partner: Sze Wo Chaan Gas Company Limited and Crown Gas Stoves (Holdings) Company Limited
Beneficiary Organizations: Harmony Garden Lutheran Centre for the Elderly

Sponsored Partner: Swire Properties Limited
Beneficiary Organizations: HKYWCA Ming Yue District Elderly Community Centre

Yau Tsim Mong District

Sponsored Partner: Sze Wo Chaan Gas Company Limited and Crown Gas Stoves (Holdings) Company Limited
Beneficiary Organizations: MKKFA Chan Hing Social Service Centre (District Elderly Community Centre)

Swire Properties LimitedHip Hing Construction Company Limited Vibro (H.K.) LimitedSze Wo Chaan Gas Company Limited Crown Gas Stoves (Holdings) Company Limited


Supporting Organizations

The Age-Friendly Housing campaign is supported by NGOs from 18 districts. The list of supporting organizations is as follow:

List of supporting organizations

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us.