MIND-friendly Home Exploration Centre

MIND-Friendly Home Exploration Centre, first of its kind in Hong Kong, was launched at the end of 2017. It aims to demonstrate how dementia-friendly housing features and delighting and independent lifestyle can be applied in local domestic flats. Besides, it also provides experiential learning for non-elder visitors such as students, professionals, care-givers. Please click here for details.

Healthy Ageing Zone

In the Healthy Ageing Zone, interactive computer games are used to test the body function of the elderly, including cognitive, visual, hearing and balancing abilities as well as bone density.

Interactive computer games include:
Cognitive Station Test your cognitive ability using the Hong Kong Computerised Cognitive Screening (CoCoSc) assessment tool.
Mobility Station and Reaching Station In this walking and stretching exercise game, you will do a standardised timed walk test, balance test, and range of motion test.
Hearing Station Test your sensitivity to sounds of various frequencies and intensities.
Visual Station Receive an eyesight and macular degeneration test using the Snellen chart and Amsler grid.
Health Station Check your blood pressure, blood oxygen level, heart rate, BMI and other indicators.
Bone Station Receive an ultrasound test to evaluate bone density.

Adaptive Housing Zone

The simulated age-friendly living space displays age friendly home design and products.

Information Corner

The Reference Library has approximately 1000 reference books, journals and audio-visual items designed for elderly services and professional use, covering various diseases, age-friendly home designs, diets and other topics.