1. When was the ERC established? What is its mission?

With an aim to promote the concept of Age-friendly Home, and enable the elderly to enjoy life in their homes and communities, so as to age in place, the Housing Society established ERC in 2005. Members of the public are welcome to visit the centre free of charge.

2. What is “Age-friendly Home”?

"Age-friendly Home” is a home suitable for the elderly in terms of environment, lifestyle and ageing process, ensuring a safe and comfortable living in their late years.

3. I am under 60 years old and thus not considered as elderly. Can I still visit the centre?

Many of the ERC’s tours provide healthy screening for people aged 60 or above. However, tours such as Joyous Golden Years Tour and Age-friendly Housing Design Tour are suitable for the young and elderly alike.

4. What can I do at ERC?

You can:
  • Join tours of different themes
  • Get access to consultation service by occupational therapist or social worker
  • Attend educational talks and participate in student activities

5. Which tour should I join?

Depending on your personal needs and interest, you may join:

For 60 years old or above only:
  • Healthy ageing tour – How should we adjust to our ageing body functions?
  • Bone health tour – How high of a risk do you have of having osteoporosis?
  • Brain health tour – How high of a risk do you have of having mild cognitive impairment?
For everyone:
  • Age-friendly housing design tour – What age-friendly design and aids are available?
  • Joyous Golden Years Tour – What is age-friendly home?

6. What kind of professional consultation is available?

Occupational therapists at the centre offer consultation services to visitors in these two aspects:
  • Ways to modify and design an age-friendly home
  • Tips on choosing appropriate furniture and aids for the elderly
  • The community resources available

7. How can I join tours or get access to consultation service?

You can:
  • Visiting the centre or call 2839 2882 for reservation
  • Download (Usually at the bottom of the page) and fill in the application form, and send it to us via email erc@hkhs.com or fax (2385 2136)
  • Fill in the online application form (Usually at the bottom of the page)

8. I am a teacher. Can I bring my students to the ERC?

It is important to promote the concepts of Age-friendly Home and Ageing-In-Place in the community, and educate the younger generation. In 2010, the centre launched “Teens Program” among secondary schools to let the young people learn how to care for the elderly through a variety of activities. The scheme has attracted more than 3,000 students and teachers.

Besides, tertiary school students are also welcome to visit us, especially those studying elderly related subjects, such as nursing, social work, medicine, gerontology, rehabilitation sciences, architecture, design, occupational therapy etc.

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