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23 Oct



About Us

Hong Kong Housing Society

Established in 1948, Hong Kong Housing Society has dedicated in housing development in Hong Kong. It has pioneered in providing different kinds of housing projects and related services to suffice the needs of different housing markets in Hong Kong. Based on the concept of “Ageing in Place”, Hong Kong Housing Society pays close attention to provide safe, convenient and comfort residences for elderly, and devotes in raising their quality of living.

Website for Elderly Services (WES)

One aim of Hong Kong Housing Society to set up WES is to contribute to the society; express caring for the society and honor to the aged people. On the other hand, WES also aims at promoting the concept of “Ageing in Place” to the society. WES provides the updated information of housing and healthy living, to enhance elderly to flourish their life of living.

“Ageing in Place” Concept

"Ageing in Place" (AIP) refers to empowering elderly to live in their own homes or familiar community as long as possible, without moving to other environment such as institution to live as a result of ageing, change in body function or other factors. Most of the elderly wish to stay and live in a familiar environment for their lifetime, but in real life the living environment and related services provided in the society could not meet and support their needs. They may have to move to elderly homes for continuous living. In this website, we suggest to improve the livability of elderly through the following three main areas:

  1. Proper living environment: Focus on the mental and physical needs which elderly required when facing ageing process. We provide latest information of living environment and related services.
  2. Healthy and active ageing: Helps elderly to have better understanding of ageing process, to face their retirement life positively and optimistically, and to possess a happy and enjoyable golden age.
  3. Safety living habit: Assist elderly recognize the hidden dangers at home and their risky habits which may lead to accidents, so as to reduce accidents happened.

WES Features

  • Detailed information of housing and relevant services from Hong Kong Housing Society and other related organizations.
  • Professional opinions and tips in housing and living from Occupational Therapists and other professionals.
  • Professional and wide spectrum of information in Senior Housing and quality retirement life.
  • Wide spectrum of elderly services in Hong Kong for easy searching by elderly and their family members.
  • “One-stop” platform for browsers to reach right to the relevant websites.

WES is a tool for elderly, their family members, carers, and coworkers who participate in the elderly industry; which can assist them to obtain useful information for a fruitful life.

If you have any enquiry or valuable comment, you are welcome to contact us


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