Elderly Resources Centre

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Health Exploration Tours

To raise health awareness in elderly people, five thematic tours are designed to screen their body functions, including: healthy ageing, brain health, visual health, joint health, sarcopenia and fall prevention.
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InnovAge Home Guided Tour and ExporAge Tour

As a result of age-related deterioration, the existing home design may fail to meet the needs of the elderly. We set up two age-friendly show flats for elderly with different needs, showcasing the latest gerontech products and assistive devices.
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Mind-friendly Home Guided Tour and Mind-Friendly Home Experiential Tour

In their daily living, people with dementia are facing many challenges, especially in their home environment. We set up Mind-Friendly Home Exploration Centre, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, to showcase the Mind-Friendly home design and aids.
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Joyous Circle

Joyous Circle is a renowned elderly facility owned and operated by Hong Kong Housing Society. The facility strives to provide quality residential care home service, day care and rehabilitation service to the senior citizens especially those dementia members in our community.


Cheerful Court Care Home

Located in Ngau Tau Kok, Cheerful Court Care Home is a private residential care home for the elderly operated by the Hong Kong Housing Society (HS). The care home is situated in Cheerful Court, which is an elderly estate under HS's "Senior Citizen Residences Scheme".


Jolly Place Care Home

Located in Tseung Kwan O, the Jolly Place Care Home is a private residential care home for the elderly operated by the Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS). The care home is set up inside the Jolly Place, an elderly estate under HKHS’s “Senior Citizen Residences Scheme”. Apart from receiving personalised nursing and care services, residents of the care home can as well take pleasure from clubhouse facilities, and enjoy themselves with an independent and rewarding lifestyle.


Elderly Resources Centre

The Elderly Resources Centre (ERC), the first of its kind in Hong Kong, was set up by the Hong Kong Housing Society in 2005. Through education, health screening, professional consultation and research by Occupational Therapist and Social Worker, ERC aims to promote the concept of “age-friendly home” so that “ageing in place” can be achieved.


Caring Engaging Smart

Housing Society Community was founded in 2003, while service of registered social workers was introduced in 2010, and Ageing-in-Place Scheme as from 2012 to facilitate elders of rental housing estates to live in the estates at ease while ageing. All these aiming at promoting mutual helping neighborhood and building harmonic community. In early 2021, upholding the three pillars of ‘caring’, ‘engaging’ and ‘smart’, we have formed a new team named “CES”.