Health Exploration Tours

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To raise health awareness in elderly people, five thematic tours are designed to screen their body functions, including: healthy ageing, brain health, visual health, joint health, sarcopenia and fall prevention.


  • Raise the elderly's health awareness
  • Encourage to adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Learn about the age-friendly home environment
  • Learn about how the assistive devices and applications adapt to the changes of body functions


  • Screening test: Health screening test administered by ambassadors or staff with a report of screening results
  • Self-management: Adopt a healthy lifestyle through goal setting
  • Talk: Talk on related topic and interpretation of screening test results
  • Exercise: Introduce related seated exercises


  • People aged 60 or above


  • Free of charge

Book a Tour

Prior booking is required, and the visit will be accompanied by AFH ambassadors or staff.

No of participants: A maximum of 60 participants

Duration : Each thematic tour takes approximately 2.5 hours

Both group application and individual application are accepted. Different types of health exploration tours for the public will also be organized and open for registration from time to time. For enquiries, please view our latest news online or call our hotline.